Untitled 34 — Potsherd Edmonton

Ed Drahanchuk , 1938 – Ceramic, 8 x 4 inches “Drahanchuk was oriented to an honest expression of the natural world. He used glazes as ‘accents to good design only where function demands.” Whether making a studio piece or a commissioned mural, Drahanchuk imbued his work with a distinctive surface energy and muscularlity, hallmarks that […]

via Untitled 34 — Potsherd Edmonton

One thought on “Untitled 34 — Potsherd Edmonton

  1. I have always loved Ed Drahanchuk’s work. This piece is typical of the excellent quality in every piece of Ed’s work I have ever seen. He has a marvelous sense of form and function. I love the sensuous manipulation of clay. Ed is a potter’s potter.


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